Recon Technology, Ltd. (Nasdaq: RCON) is a leading developer and marketer of automated oilfield services and products that enhance the extraction of petroleum in China. RCON markets these services and products to leading Chinese oil and gas companies, helping them increase efficiency and profitability in exploring, extracting, producing, processing, refining and transporting petroleum products from the nation's largest producing oil fields.

* Recon's automated systems monitor and collect oil production data remotely and in real-time, a recent industry advance that helps maximize extraction levels, minimize impurities in extracted petroleum, and significantly lowers production costs.

* Recon is an emerging leader in developing and applying the fracturing technology necessary to extract the abundant shale gas reserves in China. Shale, a clean-burning fuel, provides China with a vital and long-sought alternative to the massive toxic pollutants resulting from burning coal for energy production. Working closely with Baker Hughes and other companies, Recon is making rapid progress in liberating these shale gas reserves and facilitating their transport to China's major population centers.

* Recon's primary customers are CNPC (SEHK: 0135) and Sinopec (NYSE: SNP), two of China's three leading state-owned oil and gas companies. Recon has conducted automation projects for 80 percent of these companies' oil and gas fields.

* Recon maintains its leading-technology status via long-established relationships with many of China's foremost R&D institutions, research academies and petroleum industry labs, allowing the company to rapidly develop advanced products and technologies for oil and gas exploration sectors.

* Recon's proprietary technology is based on eight software copyrights, twenty-two product patents and four pending patents, giving the company a powerful intellectual property position. RCON is the first Chinese non-state owned oil and gas service company to be listed on Nasdaq.